Fear crisis and loss of social identity

Zoroastrian cemetery Tehran “Ghasre Firoozeh”- How was it purchased
مارس 26, 2020
The tales of Ghasre Firoozeh
مارس 26, 2020

Fear crisis and loss of social identity

Recognizing social problems and defining their solutions: who is to do it?

Now that the issue of Iran Zoroastrian Central Organization (IZCO) is hot, let’s dive deeper. Why the ministry of interior affairs allow itself to specify such big budget to an organization which is not established and not legally registered yet? At the same time, why this ministry refuse to allocate the usual budget to one the well-established old Zoroastrian organizations: Ahwaz Zoroastrian Association (Ahwaz Anjoman)? Isn’t it the legal duty of the ministry of interior affairs to support the legally registered organizations? While the so-called MP of Zoroastrian is responsible to allocate the budget between Zarthoshti organizations, why is he mute when he sees the ministry in front of him? Why doesn’t he inform the Zoroastrian media to publish the facts for the society? Does it have any other name except: FEAR?

Unfortunately, the ministry of interior affairs interferes in all major and minor issues of Zarthoshti society, directly or indirectly. The guy who knows himself as the head of so-called IZCO, now that the MP is to be reelected or replaced and the Tehran Zoroastrian Association (Anjoman) is at the gap period, is intended to take the control of the whole society. At the same time, one of the ex-heads of the Anjoman agrees to help the government to take over one of the devoted buildings which is illegal. At the same time, the present head of Anjoman at the gap period, which is illegal to do such big decisions, is giving the control of “Ghasre Firoozeh” lands to Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and other similar issues. All the plunder is done without informing the society; it looks a planned plunder without even one lamp lit!! Again the society is betrayed or all is due to this the government is powerful and our Anjoman and MP is fearful and incompetent. It seems that some factors have destroyed our identity and courage from inside.

What are the roots of this fear inside the Zoroastrian society? Is it due to many historical disasters that this society survives during the past hundreds of years? Fear is not inherited, it is learned. The environment of any society can make it. Zoroastrians fought during Constitutional Revolution and some were killed for their goal. Kaykhosrow Shahrokh grew up at the same time among those brave women and men and gave Iran Zoroastrians a renewed identity. So how fearful is the environment of the current Iran that does not allow the posterity of such brave people to take care of Zoroastrians’ rights?

  • This is a free translation of the article in Persian by Kayvan Hoor. The original article may be found at below link:


Translator’s note: It looks like that at that time the ministry of interior affairs perhaps tried to prepare a Plan B to take over Ghasre Firoozeh. It looks like that the ministry tried its best by all their means to urge the head of Tehran Zoroastrian Association and some other influential people  to implement what they want without informing the society and with all lamps OFF even by illegal methods!! This article is written at that hard time when the society understand that all the agreements are signed for this planned plunder while they were busy with a shadow problem (and meanwhile Plan B to make the pressure on head of Anjoman more than before): IZCO. I hope that one day the official documents from inside the ministry of interior affairs is released and we have access to the truth.

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